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SAES Pure Gas Reaches Agreement to Support Customers of Johnson Matthey

San Luis Obispo, August 8, 2013 – SAES Pure Gas Inc., has reached an agreement with Johnson Matthey Gas Purification Technology where SAES Pure Gas will provide support to customers who own Johnson Matthey gas purifiers. With the recent closure of the Johnson Matthey Gas Purification Technology business, customers will now be able to contact SAES Pure Gas for ongoing support.

“Following Johnson Matthey’s announcement of the closure of their Gas Purification Technology business, we were approached by many customers asking for our support” comments Tim Johnson CEO of SAES Pure Gas.

“Johnson Matthey offered a full line of Palladium membrane hydrogen purifiers, and we recognize this as a critical technology for manufacturing High Brightness LEDs and other high purity applications. As the worldwide leader in ultra high purity gas purification, we understand the importance of providing ongoing support for customers using this technology. This agreement builds on our recent acquisition of the palladium hydrogen purifier business from Power + Energy and establishes SAES Pure Gas as the leading supplier of palladium purifiers.”

SAES Pure Gas is now the authorized supplier of both warranty and non-warranty support or replacement for Johnson Matthey HP series, V-purge, HTG, GPT and PSH Series palladium membrane hydrogen purifiers.

SAES Pure Gas, Inc., a member of the SAES Group, is the world leader in gas purification technology. SAES Pure Gas develops ultra-high pure gas-handling equipment, supplying gas purifiers for a wide range of bulk and specialty gas applications. Its innovative gas purification solutions are applied in several different industrial segments such as: Microelectronics, Compound Semiconductor, Display Industry (LCD, OLED), Fiber optics, Solar and Photovoltaics. For more information on SAES Pure Gas, please visit the company website at