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A Breakthrough In Oxygen Analyzer Performance

Delta F Introduces the E-Sensor And DF-300E Series of Oxygen Analyzers
Woburn, MA.. How do you improve upon an industry standard? For Delta F it meant going back to the beginning and reinventing their standard non-depleting coulometric sensor. “The Delta F non-depleting electrochemical sensor of today is fundamentally the sensor that the company was founded on,” according to Curt Fauth, Delta F President and CEO. “Looking to improve oxygen analyzer performance even further, we went back and re-engineered the sensor itself.”

The result is the E-Sensor – an enhanced price/performance breakthrough. “The E-Sensor represents a 3 year investment in R&D,” Fauth said. “We changed the materials of construction for the cathode electrode system; developed a new cathode electrode system fabrication process; eliminated the carbon anode in favor of a proprietary high purity non-carbon anode; developed new sensor assembly and conditioning processes; eliminated impurities in raw materials; and developed new electrolyte formulations and a high purity replenishment solution.”

“The new E-Sensor is first available in our popular DF-300E Series of oxygen analyzers,” Fauth noted. The DF-300E Series includes the following models:
• DF-310E – flexible adaptable oxygen analyzer
• DF-320E - oxygen analyzer for hazardous areas
• DF-330E – solid state coulometric analyzer
• DF-340E - NEMA 4x model
• DF-370E – NEMA 7x model

All members of the DF-300E series deliver the following benefits:
• Lowest available detection levels
• Unmatched price/performance in oxygen analysis
• Elimination of false low readings and periodic sensor replacement
• Unmatched reliability and stability
• Fast response so you can react to problems immediately
• Compact and modular design fits easily into your plant and application
• A range of affordable choices for your applications
• Improved acid gas tolerance

About Delta F
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