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Regen station in China

SAES Pure Gas announces the expansion of their regeneration services to include a regeneration facility for MicroTorr ambient temperature purifiers in Nanjing, China.

Shanghai, March 17– SAES Pure Gas Inc, the world leader and supplier of gas purification equipment, announced today the opening of a regeneration facility for their MicroTorr line of ambient temperature purifiers in Nanjing, China.

The MicroTorr series of purifiers are the most complete and reliable solution for Point-of-Use (POU) gas purification. Given the inorganic nature of the MicroTorr purification materials, regeneration is an environmentally friendly process that reactivates the purification material by releasing all of the impurities collected during its use. The performance and warranty of the MicroTorr purifier after regeneration are identical to the performance and warranty of a new unit.

“SAES Pure Gas has been serving the Chinese market since 1995 with a direct sales and customer service office in Shanghai” says Mr. Tim Johnson, SAES Pure Gas Chief Executive Officer. “We are very excited to support our Chinese customers with a dedicated regeneration station utilizing the SAES Getters Group Nanjing manufacturing plant established in 1982. Regenerating purifiers instead of purchasing new purifiers is environmentally friendly and will reduce the cost of ownership for our customers.” concluded Mr. Johnson.

The regeneration services for customers in China will be handled through the SAES Pure Gas Sales office in Shanghai:

Mr Ronnie Cun
SAES Getters (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Office
Room 102 No.3 Building 289 Bisheng Road,
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong New Ar ea
Shanghai 201204, P.R. of China
Tel.:+86 21 50803488-205; Fax.:+86 21 50803008

SAES Pure Gas, Inc.

SAES Pure Gas, located in San Luis Obispo, CA, is the world leader in scientific and technological applications where very low limits of impurities in gases are mandatory. By exploiting its core competencies, SAES develops ultra pure gas handling equipment for the semiconductor and other high technology markets by supplying gas purifiers for virtually all bulk and specialty gas applications. Leveraging the 20 years experience in the gas purification field, SAES Pure Gas is also emerging as a key player for the newest semiconductor applications such as: photolithography, metrology and inspection tool optics purge gases.