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Ambient Air CollectTorr Introduction

SAES Pure Gas announces the expansion of its Microcontamination Inspection Service to include cleanroom molecular contamination analysis and chemical filtration certification.

San Luis Obispo, CA – February 23, 2009 – SAES Pure Gas Inc, the world leader and supplier of gas purification equipment, announced today the expansion of the Microcontamination Inspection Service. SAES Pure Gas has created an additional sampling system dedicated to Cleanroom Air and Chemical Filter Tool Certification.

In addition to the current CollectTorr sampling system, for pressurized gases, the Ambient Air CollectTorr has been developed to provide semiconductor equipment manufacturers and semiconductor tool end-users a dedicated, simple, and reliable tool for molecular contaminant certification in ambient air.

Using proprietary solid-state traps, the Ambient Air CollectTorr can provide parts per trillion (pptV) level measurements of molecular acids, bases, refractory and organic contaminants. Features of the new Ambient Air CollectTorr sampling system include:

• Compact self-contained design: easy to install, operate and ship

• Solid-state trap sampling technology: no liquid impingers involved for Acids and Bases Sampling

• Formal qualification by lithography and inspection/metrology tool manufacturers for optics warranty certification.

• Suitable for mounting in any orientation

• No utilities required

“We are excited to bring our well established solid-state sampling technology and analytical expertise to the cleanroom and chemical filter molecular contamination certification field.” says Cristian Landoni, SAES Pure Gas Point-of-Use Product Manager. “A reliable molecular contamination certification is mandatory to maintain the warranty of the optics in lithography and metrology tools. This certification allows customers of lithography and metrology tools to analyze their purifier and active filter configuration. The Ambient Air CollectTorr system also provides a huge advantage over standard liquid impingers for molecular acids and bases sampling” concluded Mr. Landoni.

The sampling system takes an average of ten minutes to install with a sampling period of 4 to 6 hours depending on the sensitivity required. Customers can expect a user friendly Analytical Certification Report that can be used to confirm pressurized gas, clean room air or chemical filter compliance to your optics warranty.

Microcontamination Inspection Service Applications:

• Lithography and inspection/metrology tool manufacturer purge gas certification for optics and lense warranty

• Pre/Post purification molecular contamination assessment

• Cleanroom air and Chemical Filter certification

• Gas Piping and component outgassing validation

About the SAES Getters Group
Pioneering the development of the getter technology, SAES Getters Group is the world leader in a variety of scientific and industrial applications where stringent vacuum conditions or ultra high pure gases are required. For the last 60 years, its getter solutions have been supporting technological innovation in the information display and lamp industries, in ultra high vacuum systems, in a wide range of electron device-based applications, and in the vacuum thermal insulation.

The Group also holds a leading position in ultra pure gas handling for the semiconductor and other hi-tech markets with SAES Pure Gas Inc.

Starting year 2004, by leveraging on the core competence in special metallurgy and material science, SAES Getters Group expands its business in the advanced material niche markets, with the introduction of the optical crystal product line, for optoelectronic and high-power laser applications, and of the shape memory alloys, for actuators primarily used in the automotive industry.

A total production capacity distributed at 8 manufacturing plants spanning across 3 continents, a 16-facility sales & service network, over 1,000 employees allow the Group to combine multicultural skills and expertise to form a truly global enterprise.

SAES Getters is headquartered in Milan area of Italy, and holds manufacturing plants, sales and service facilities worldwide. SAES Getters has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange Market since 1986.

SAES Pure Gas, Inc.
SAES Pure Gas, located in San Luis Obispo, CA, is the world leader in scientific and technological applications where very low limits of impurities in gases are mandatory. By exploiting its core competencies, SAES develops ultra pure gas handling equipment for the semiconductor and other high technology markets by supplying gas purifiers for virtually all bulk and specialty gas applications. Leveraging the 20 years experience in the gas purification field, SAES Pure Gas is also emerging as a key player for the newest semiconductor applications such as: photolithography, metrology and inspection tool optics purge gases.

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Purification Product Manager
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