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Nitrogen Generators - NG250

Product Description:
The PEAK SCIENTIFIC range of high purity nitrogen gas generators produce flow rates of between 250cc/min & 4l/min.

A highly efficient Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) is used to extract O2, moisture, hydrocarbons & other trace gases to produce a continuous supply of high purity gas.

Installation of the generator is simple and given the straightforward operation of the instrument, maintenance minimal.

PEAK laboratory air and nitrogen generators (ANG) are also available with flow rates of between 250cc/min & 3l/min.

Features & Benefits
  • Experience - thousands of systems worldwide using this technology
  • Safety
  • Simple installation - no special requirements
  • Convenience - no heavy cylinders to change
  • Designed to suit your application
  • Economics - significant savings over cylinders
  • Portable - moves to suit your requirements

Technical Specification:
  • Max Output Flow Rate for N2 99.9995% ATP: 250cc/min
  • Pressure Dewpoint: -70°C/-94°F
  • Max Output Pressure(bar/psi): 0-80psi/0-5.5bar
  • Internal Air Compressor: No
  • Electrical Requirements 110v/60Hz / 230v/50Hz: 5A/2.5A
  • Outlet Port: ¼" bsp
  • Dimensions (cm): 62x43x41
  • Shipping Weight (kg): 21

Service Plan Notes:
Complete/ Standard

Applications Supported:
Analysers: _SHOW ALL, TGA, TMA,
Gas Chromatography: GC-ECD, GC-FID, GC-NPD,

Sales brochure - NG250
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