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DF-550 NanoTrace Ultra Trace Oxygen Analyzer

The NanoTrace provides a reliable LDL of 200 ppt in a compact, easy-to-use analyzer.

The superior NanoTrace performance features:
  • Superior performance for dependable measurements
  • Low maintenance with very low drift for infrequent recalibration
  • Selection of configurations, including initiation via front panel or digital interconnect, hand carry portable option

NanoTrace provides a reliable Low-detection-level of 200 ppt in a compact, easy to use analyzer. The superior NanoTrace performance has been verified by a host of independent third parties such as Air Products and Chemicals Inc. Part of the extensive APIMS testing is shown. Every NanoTrace is manufactured under ISO 9001 control and is calibrated and operated for five weeks to ensure a fast and accurate start-up at your site.

Superior Performance
  • The low LDL provides a large "Analytical Headroom" for dependable measurements.
  • Fast response provides sensitive and dependable process monitoring.
  • Quick upset recovery avoids "running blind" when process problems occur.

Low Maintenance
  • Very low drift makes the need for frequent calibrations unnecessary.
  • The zero purifier is used only for calibration and not to scrub the electrolyte as is common in other analyzers. Expensive and disruptive purifier replacements are not required.

Selection of Configurations
  • The Automatic Calibration System can be initiated at the front panel or via digital interconnect.
  • The Manual Calibration system can be included for "hand carry", portable operation.
  • The NiCad Battery and Isolation Valve options enable truly portable operation.

DF-550 Performance
  • Lowest Detection Level (LDL): 200 ppt
  • Analyzer Resolution: 100 ppt: < 20 seconds
  • Response Time: 0.5 ppb or ±3% of reading
  • Accuracy (Constant Conditions): < 15 min for high ppm upset
  • Upset Recovery: 0 to 20 ppb
  • Output Range (Lowest)

  • Sample Pressure: 15 to 25 psig
  • Sample Flow: 1 to 3 scfh
  • Gas Compatibility: All inerts and passive gases including N2, He, H2, Ar, light hydrocarbons, halocarbons, etc.

  • Automatic Calibration System
  • Manual Calibration System
  • 4 - 20 mADC Output Isolation
  • RS232 and RS485
  • Up to 4 Assignable Alarm Relays
  • N2 Case Purge
  • NiCad Batteries
  • Flow Alarm
  • Scale Factor for other background gases

For more information, click here to view the DF-550 datasheet pdf.