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The PS5 MegaTorr Rare Gas purifiers are heated getter-based purifiers designed specifically to provide ultra-high purity (UHP) gas for semiconductor applications.

The patented getter alloy operates at elevated temperatures to remove impurities by forming irreversible chemical bonds. Impurities removed will not be released under any circumstances when the purifier is operated within specification. Outlet impurity levels for O2,H2O, CO, CO2, H2, CH4, and N2 are reduced to parts per billion concentrations.

Downstream of the heated getter columns, Hydrogen impurities are removed by a patented secondary ambient temperature getter cartridge, known as the Hydrogen Removal Unit (HRU).

Fully automatic operation is provided standard with the microprocessor-based controller and full instrumentation. Multi-tiered fault protection keeps gas flowing while alerting the operator of any problems. Long getter life is achieved through efficient getter bed designs, which safely optimize operating temperature, bed dimensions and flow rates. For the PS5 platform only electrical power and pneumatic air supply is needed to operate the purifier.

The PS5 can be installed into small areas because of the compact design and front/rear access (zero-side clearance acceptable). The PS5 comes standard with GettSafe™ – the state-of-the-art solution to fast-response thermal protection. GettSafe quickly detects excessive heat in the getter column, and the built-in discrete hardware interlock takes action to isolate the purifier.


  • Fully Automated Microprocessor Controller
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • High Temperature Hardware Interlock
  • GettSafe™ high temperature safety shutdown system
  • Metal 0.003µm Particle Filter
  • Inlet and Outlet sample ports with isolation valves
  • Instrument Air Pressure Switch
  • Automatic Bypass
  • Gas to Gas Heat Exchanger
  • Electric Gas Preheater System
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
  • All Metal cabinet with doors
  • Alarm relay, life status indicator relay, remote contact shutdown, gas relay
  • Relief valve
  • CE Marking

  • Inlet and Outlet isolation valves
  • Inlet mass flow meter
  • Instrument Air Management System
  • Color Human Machine Interface
  • Manual bypass valve
  • Pneumatically actuated manual bypass valve
  • Separate control power
  • Emergency off button
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Ground fault protection
  • MODBUS data communication port

PS5 Performance
Gases Purified Impurities Removed Outlet Performance
He, Ar H2O, O2, CO, CO2, H2, N2, CH4 < 1 ppb
Note: Purifiers are gas specific and should only be used for the gas indicated

PS5 Specifications
 Model Maximum Flow (Nm3/hr) Average Power Consumption (kW) Maximum Pressure Drop (bar) Dimensions (cm) Weight (kg)
 PS5-MGT15-R 15 1 0.7 185 61 89 204
 PS5-MGT30-R 30 1.5 0.7 185 61 89 204
 PS5-MGT50-R 50 2.5 1 185 61 89 240
 PS5-MGT100-R 100 5 1 185 120 89 500
 PS5-MGT150-R 150 7.5 1 185 180 89 750